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October 29, 2018

If you are one of my Facebook followers, you saw last week that I promoted a wonderful author named Kirsten Benz Wheelock. This promoting was part of the Foster an author program that ran from October 22 to October 28. I am so happy I did this and I really hope you guys like it!


If you missed it, here are the information you should know about this incredible author!



About the author 

Kirsten is a stay at home mom with a hubby who is a techy wonder, K.B. Wheelock writes in her free time. She loves to read all genres, with the exceptions of non-fiction and horror, and on average can knock out reading a book a day. Dabbling in many different styles of writing, many authors have inspired her muse and creativity which has led her to where she is today.


She is also a mom of 6 children aged between 2 and 20! What an amazing woman, don't you think!


The first book I talked about!


Finding her wings


Genre: Reverse Harem Fantasy


Synopsis: Aislin is not your average fairy. Born without wings, plus-sized in a Barbie doll world and then not receiving a talent at the ceremony. Without a talent, she has no home, no family and lives on the forest floor.


But this year is different when three male fairies are found to be without talents as well. Puck, Warren and Orrin are to stay with Aislin, sending her world into confusion. Ren, the fairy queen comes to meet privately with the four to ask them to go on a quest to find out why fairies are not receiving their talents.


Aislin has to face the first of many challenges when she is forced to face the fact that she cannot walk for their journey and must let the guys help her fly. Finally, they reach the end of their journey, only to find that the one they are searching for has been expecting them all along.


Through imprisonment and forced role play, the journey takes them full circle to realizing what a talent really is and what they truly value.






In the same world





Being a Brownie in the fairy realm isn’t easy.

Being the daughter of the king Brownie is even harder, especially when you are left to discover the other kingdoms on your own, not knowing who is friend and who is foe.

Thea makes the wrong choice and flees to the human realm, her home in ruin.

There she meets a Guardian, Hades and a hellhound.

Will she be able to return home and right the wrongs she caused?
















This one is in pre-order, it will be publish on November 15, 2018!!


Secrets can kill, especially the ones you don’t know.

After her disastrous trip a few months before, Thea has no desire to leave home ever again. Her actions nearly destroyed the Bog and they'd only recently begun recovering from the mess she'd created.

To remove her from the danger she creates for herself, her father insists that she be escorted to the Fairy Kingdom, but on her journey, she discovers secrets from her past, secrets that might be deadly.

Will Thea’s history of getting into trouble follow her to the Fairy Kingdom?


Will the secrets follow her and threaten the lives of everyone she meets?




Then we discovered her darker Reverse Harem Paranormal romance;



The Guardians


The Guardian series tells the story of Rose, a magical librarian for the TOMBS (Treasury of Magical Bestial Studies). She has no magic of her own, though her past tiptoes on the edges of the magical community. When she is attacked late one night at work by the Muahaha, her Guardian must save her and she discovers that she is a shifter. This leads them on a journey exploring her past and into captivity with the Reditus Coelus and the High Lord.






Book 1: Protect


Keyne brings Rose to a Guardian meeting house where she meets Gris. The two men decide that Gris’s family safe house is the best place for them to hide while they figure out what is going on. At the safehouse Rose meets Thea, a Brownie housekeeper (see Redeem). Their research takes them back to the Tombs where they are attacked by Ring Snakes, leading them on a cross-country trip.


When Keyne, Gris and Rose are taken captive by the Reditus Coelus they are given the choice to comply or have an innocent take their punishment. For Gris, this is difficult and causes him to lose himself, becoming a shell of the man he was; for Rose it means complying in action, while plotting in the background. For Keyne, his road is the hardest in some ways, but adds to the story over all.


Rose moves up in the world of the Reditus Coelus and starts to implement her plan to escape, only to be thwarted by the High Lord’s second in command. When he attacks her and she fights back, she is sentenced to death. The lack of defense and the wrongness strikes Gris and he chooses to fight for Rose, proving that love can overcome anything. During the fight Rose discovers a new power and saves herself and Gris, only to be captured by Lord Esson in the confusion.











Book 2: Sanctify



Sanctify picks up a few months after Protect and begins with explaining to the Guardian bosses what happen when Rose, Gris and Keyne disappeared months earlier. With some down time, Rose starts to look into her past while also looking towards the future, meeting her men’s family. She discovers a surprising connection with Gris’ brother, Niall.


Feeling the need to get away, Keyne suggests that they go on a retreat to relax. While away, Rose discovers her mother’s journal, unlocking more of her pasts while also discovering a deeper connection to the Brownies.


The High Lord mentally tortures Rose in her dreams and each time that she is with the him, she moves closer to a mountain. She senses that reaching that mountain will mean she is captive in the Demon Realm and fears what she will discover upon arriving at the obsidian castle.




Book 3: Cherish



Cherish starts about three years after Sanctify. Rose and her family have lived in peace in the mountain home that Gris, Niall and Keyne had purchased while she was captive. There are instances of family life, of what it means to be together and more of Rose’s dear friend Thea.


Gris and Niall have a emotional reunion with their father and Snowden (see Redeem), who have been given the role of guarding the girls. With Jacob’s help, plans are made for the group to return to Floss and the TOMBS. Keyne and Cullen go by road, while the rest will take the portal and go through the Empyrean Realm.


In the Empyrean Realm, the way is dangerous and Rose must fight her way through. When they finally all return to the safe house in Floss, they find that the High Lord has followed Cullen. Rose must chose to return to the Demon Realm with him, or have the High Lord kill all of her family. But this time she goes in stronger than ever and fights for herself and her family.





Here are a few link to follow the author, buy her book and get to know her even more!


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Finding Her Wings





Released date Nov 15, 2018








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