September 14, 2019



Author: Leah Diane

Publication date:  September 20, 2019


Publisher: Celestial Ink Publisher


Genre: Supernatural


Book blurb:


Hades, God of the Underworld. His life was taken from him the day mortals decided what he was and wasn't. Those depictions of him have been nothing but wrong.

Now he's setting his own course and making his own story. He'll do anything to protect his family, even if it means starting a War...

Whose side are you on?



My opinion:


This book is great! The action starts really quick. As much as we see action, we also see the God of the underworld interacting with his kid! He is such a sweet one with his daughter! There is a lot of characters that appears in the book, maybe a little too much to handle, but at the same time, they are helping with building the universe Leah created. 


If like me you love mythology and supernatural, this book should be on your reading list pretty soon! So go on Amazon and pre-order it right now!




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