Hers to save

August 28, 2018



Author: Michelle Connor


Publication date:  Dec 16, 2017


Publisher: self-published


Genre: Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Fiction


Book blurb:


When Aveline is betrothed to the Lord of her Village, it starts a journey that will take her far from home and everything she has ever known. She befriends a creature she's only encountered in fairytales. Aeolius is twice her height and covered in silver scales.


Together they start a journey which will lead them into a battle they have no idea is being fought.

Can Aveline find her courage to play her part as a King's madness spreads across the land?

Embark on a coming of age tale, turn the page the saga has begun.


My opinion:


This story will keep you entertains for hours, or days, if you can put it down! It is captivating, touching and has an awesome rhythm to it! 


Aveline is a headstrong female protagonist that saves herself more than the males could ever do. A sweet happy ending that let you want to know more about her future! I wished for a tiny bit more romance, but I am so happy she didn't go off marrying Prince Dayton. 


Aeolius is funny, witty and so protective, but it is understandable when you know what he is. Herveus is a fighter, fierce protector of Dayton and Aveline alike! I couldn't imagine any better characters for this story. Between the chemistry around Aveline and Aeolius, Dayton and Herveus and all of the characters, the story is mindblowing!


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