Just before the seduction

February 10, 2018

 Please see the disclaimer at the end of the story.


Just before the Seduction


“It’ll be easy…” I heard Jessica say to me. “You just have to seduce them”. I looked over at my best friend of 5 years as I sit closely at my vanity table.


“You’re kidding right? I’m about as seductive as a cabbage!” I heard a loud chuckle coming from my best friend in the corner of the room.


“I swear Connie I don’t know what I’m going to do with you”. The room was musky and hot. But this is what you would expect working at a small brothel just as this.


“Well you figure we have been doing this for some time…I think I can seduce a drunken cowboy”. I finished off the last bit of my makeup. I popped open my corset dress to show more cleavage.


“Don’t give too much of the cow away!” I hear Jessica come close to me and she looked herself on the mirror for the final time.


“Did you just call me a cow?” I asked in an amused and playful shock. She laughed again which made me giggle at her light of happiness. This wasn’t the most glamorous job, but we both manage to make each

other smile and bear with the line of work.


“Okay are we done and ready?” I asked my best friend. I can tell in her face expression and eyes that she didn’t want to leave this room. But with the strength we had left, we have to be ready even if we don’t want to.


“I’m ready as I’ll ever be.” Jessica sighed. We both held each other’s hands as we started to head out the door.


“Besides we can take my cabbage cow ass to the bar first and get drinks to help us out!” This comment from me erupted a hardy laugh from Jessica. That burst of laughter will definitely pull me through to the rest of the night…


Just a reminder that I am not the author of this short text and do not edit it! Thank you Janeen for this beautiful short story!

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