February 2, 2018



Author: Janeen G.


I watched as the snow flake fell gently on my window. It’s been nearly a year since I've lived with you. We had a full year of spending endless days and nights together. Wandering around the streets of London and my occasional tag along trips to your movie sets. A whole year of being in your presence and nothing...


Nothing has come between us. But why would there be? You’re a successful award winning actor. I'm a published author. I was assigned to write your biography. But even after a full year of being in your presences, our world hasn't collided. Not the way I wanted it to be. The adventures of your life, the outspoken of your love and sadness for the world around you...made me want you deeply. The more words of your life that I put down on paper, the more I wanted thoughts words to touch my bare skin.

I looked out the bay window as the first sprinkle of snow started to fall against the window. I closed my eyes and placed my forehead against the cold glass window. I gently made a wish. I wished to finally, after all the years to have one night with you. But deep in my realistic heart, I knew this would never happen.


Just then, I heard a sharp turn of the door knob. I turned my attention to the open door to find you standing there.


"John?" I stood up from my seat on the window sill. I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there in front of me. Your dark brown eyes gaze me hard stare and long black hair went passed your neck. It looked slicked and wet. You must have just come out of the shower. Something I always fantasized about at certain nights.



"Is everything okay?" I asked as I stepped closer to you. I could smell the fresh clean soap around you.


Your shirt clung to the tightness of your torso and your sweatpants hung low on your delicate hips. You caught me off guard as you gripped my wrist gently and brought me closer into your arms.


"John..." I breathed in surprised as you wrapped your arms around my waist. For the first time in a year span since I’ve known you, you gave me a small grin. 'Am I dreaming?' I asked myself as I felt my heart pound deeply within my chest. I slowly placed my trembling hand on your warm flushed face. The fuzz of your beard tickled my palm as I caressed your face. Your light blue shirt pressed ever so tightly to your chest as I reached up and planted a deep kiss to your warm lips.


Suddenly, you picked me up into your strong arms and you started to carry me to my plush bed. I disconnected from our kiss to look at you. Your eyes were filled with confidence and lust that I almost felt myself burst.


Before any other words escaped my lips, I felt your mouth pressed so firmly against mine that I forgot to fully breathe. My head smothered deeply against pillows as your weight became solid against my body. I breathed in a solid breath as you eagerly started to kiss my heated neck.


"John...I trembled your name as your hands start to roam over my thin night gown. The snow outside started to fall heavily as you start to untie my dress which started to clung to my heated body. In one sweep breath you kissed me as my dress starts to slowly slide from my body and down my ankles and feet. You started to hold my face firmly with one hand as you started to plant soft kisses and you used your other hand to slowly bring down your sweats.


The coolness of the room ignited my body as your fingers dragged along my pelvis and my upper thighs. I start to moan and toss my arms over your neck; I want to pull you in me. I wished in the winter frost for this to happen and now I'm claiming this...


The rest of our clothes got lost in our heated passion. Every hands and kisses were planted in such a frantic desperation. I start to reach over my side for the plush blanket. The coldness was too much to bear. Even with the central heat burning and the windows were tightly shut, I still pulled the blanket over our waist as I fully opened my legs towards you.


I let out a sharp gasp as you let out a deep grunt. You start to bury into my petit body, both groan loudly as your hard plunge was so deep and so strong. The heat of your breath on my neck sends me chills as you started to get into a rhythm.


"Oh John..." I breathed into your neck. You placed your hot forehead against mine. Our lips and tongues start to lock tight towards each other in such a passionate embrace. Our hands start to find each other in between the blanket. We grip ever so tightly that our hands start to feel numb and become one another. Your English accent whispers my name in the deep frosted silence. You start to bury deep into my body. It was so deep that I started to hear my own excitement in between our hot blanket.


I squeezed my eyes tightly as I felt my groin and thighs shake and undo itself in pleasure. I knew just by your quicken pace that you were ready to let yourself go inside of me. With one last thrust and your loud sigh of release, I started to feel the warmth of your semen spill into me as I tightly wrapped my legs around your strong hips.


Our breaths became one as we tried to look into each other’s eyes. I wished for this. I wished to have you for just one night. Now I bask in this frosted winter passion with you...



By: Janeen G.



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