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Michelle lives on the North East coast of England in a town called Grimsby. She's been with her husband for twenty years now. They have three children together, Their youngest has just turned sixteen. She is the princess of the family and has two older brothers.

As well as writing Michelle loves to paint, draw, and take lots of photographs. She has a great intrigue for history and spends many a summers day hunting for castles and ruins to visit. I think this comes through in her first novella series as it is set in the medieval era.

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August 28, 2018

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Other books and series

Where ravens soar

Riffin and her partner, Augustus are agents for the Nine World Protection Agency.

They're working on a heart-wrenching case. A human has been selling the pelts of wolf-skin children on the black market.

When the monster's caught, Rifinn receives a note from her Grandfather, Odin.

It carries the terrible news that three fierce Valkyries are dead, and suffered terrible torture.

The hunt has started.

If they can't find those responsible in time, the ramifications could devastate the nine realms, because even the fates can't see the path ahead.

The Fae chronicles

My family and I stand at the foot of an ice-covered flight of steps leading up to The Crystal Palace. Caught by a sudden gust of wind, flurries of snow flutter in a whimsical dance, the frozen flakes melting against my warm skin. I glance around at my surroundings for a breath-stealing moment. The beauty of my home is a wonder to behold. The icy breath of winter cocoons the landscape in glittering whiteness. Storm-grey clouds blanket the evening sky.  A soft shimmering glow of moonlight breaks through cracks and crevices in the smothering dark shroud, illuminating the spotted feathers of a kestrel. Wings spread wide, the bird hovers over crystalline tipped trees, searching for prey. With a sudden movement, it swoops down into the shadowed cavity of twisted bowers below.

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